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Each year, Innoveat’s FOODIE expo welcomes new brands that are about to launch or have recently launched, and existing brands that have designed innovative concepts and are ready to ‘wow’ buyers.

The event will be open to suppliers for 10 full days, from Monday 6th June to Thursday 16th June 2022. Each exhibitor will be given a secure personal login, allowing them unlimited access to browse, chat, and request meetings with a range of buyers also present at the FOODIE trade show. For those who require one, an onboarding session will be hosted 2 weeks prior to the event commencing.

During the 10-day FOODIE expo, exhibitors will have an individual supplier booth on the virtual platform, consisting of a tailored landing page with short videos for all buyers to watch and learn more about the brand. This includes an overview of popular products and ranges, current offers, website links, introductions, imagery and contact details – all of which will be set out in a neatly constructed layout.

If you are looking to connect with like-minded suppliers and establish new links with buyers interested in innovative products, then FOODIE 2022 is not an event to miss. To find out more about the cost of attending, please complete the form below.

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